leadership development & Coaching

Turning good employees into great leaders

What it takes to be a great leader, and how to get there.

leadership development & coaching

Turning good employees into great leaders

What it takes to be a great leader, and how to get there.

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Leadership Development

The Next Generation of Leaders is already here.

To attract and retain top talent, today’s best and brightest companies invest in employee development. Good development programs attract growth-oriented individuals, create a strong talent pipeline, and improve both employee engagement and loyalty.

JER HR Group helps organizations create healthy, high performance, people-focused work environments. Our leadership development consultants are nationally recognized experts in communication styles, behavioral assessments, adult learning principles, and the ability to create high-retention educational experiences that influence behavior and directly impact the company’s culture, goals, and bottom-line.

JER HR Group Leadership Development & Coaching

Why do we develop leaders? Because great leaders create great teams, and great teams are made up of individuals who are enabled to contribute their best. At JER HR Group, we provide programs that will give your leaders and managers the workforce tools they need to help the organization meet its key objectives.

Development goals include:

  • Developing high performing teams.
  • Understanding and handling conflict.
  • Managing through intensive periods of change.
  • Clarifying values, setting goals, and building action plans.
  • Learning who you are as a leader, how you relate to others, and your role in defining the work climate for employees.
  • Mastering the art of leadership and supervision, including time management, delegation, coaching, effective communication, conflict management and developing high performance teams.

Services include:

  • Training new leaders; four half day sessions: Understanding Your Own Leadership and Behavior Style, Effective Communication, Time Management, and Coaching: Providing Feedback and Motivating Others.
  • Teaching HR leaders how to become more effective leaders and communicators in handling common and extraordinary supervisory HR issues.
  • Helping experienced management grow and refine leadership skills to strength the ability to guide and influence others, and to become a stronger leader in strategic thinking and planning, strategic decision making and problem solving, leading change, performance evaluation, diversity, setting budgets, and personal branding.