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JER HR Group - Employee Development
Learning that works, everyday.

Learning that works, everyday.

JER HR Group provides a comprehensive catalog of On-Demand courses that are engaging, interactive, and, fit your style and need.

From self-paced individual learning, to virtual and on-site courses and coaching, we’ve got what you need to create a growth oriented culture and provide the employee development that improves talent acquisition and retention.

On-Demand Courses for Employee Development

On-Demand courses are offered for self-paced learning and can also be customized for group or virtual instructor led training to meet corporate objectives.

Topics include:

Leadership Training & Development

  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Coaching
  • Managing Performance Discussions
  • Understanding Behavioral Styles for Managers
  • Reinforcing Understanding of Behavioral Styles for Managers
  • Win-Win Negotiations for Managers
  • Leadership Training and Development Course Library

Customer Service Training & Development

  • Customer Focused Interviews
  • Establishing Credibility and Trust for Customer Service
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Questions Are The Answer for Customer Service
  • Understanding Behavioral Styles for Customer Service
  • Reinforcing Your Understanding of Behavioral Styles for Customer Service
  • Win-Win Negotiations for Customer Service


  • Time and Priority Management
  • Listening Skills
  • Your Conflict Approach and When to Use It
  • Enhance Your Negotiating Skills
  • Leverage Your Personal Strengths at Work
  • Recognizing and Adapting Your Learning Style
  • Meeting Management
  • Key Communication Skills
  • Dynamic Decision Making
  • Priority Management
  • Enhancing Happiness at Work

Sales Training & Development

  • Coaching for Sales Managers
  • Customer Focused Sales Interviews
  • Customer Focused Presentations
  • Establishing Credibility and Trust for Sales
  • Gaining Commitments to Action/Closing
  • Overcoming All Objections
  • Prospecting to Create Interest
  • Questions Are the Answer for Sales
  • Understanding Behavioral Styles for Sales
  • Reinforcing Your Understanding of Behavioral Styles for Sales
  • Win-Win Negotiations

Safety and Sector Specific Training

Additional Ready to Go courses are available through our Content Library, powered by Training Network.

Topics include:

  • Health & Safety
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Compliance & Ethics
  • Industry Specific Training
  • DOT & OSHA Training