Executive Compensation

What’s driving the conversation?

Facing the challenges of attracting and hiring talented individuals and compensating them fairly.

JER HR Group - Executive Compensation Consulting

Executive Compensation

What’s driving the conversation?

Facing the challenges of attracting and hiring talented individuals and compensating them fairly.

Build Value for Your Organization through Executive Compensation

Reward performance, grow talent, and nurture leaders with one of the top executive compensation consulting firms.

Why work with us?

  • Transform executive compensation into a performance-driven tool with our executive compensation consulting services.
  • Structure a fair compensation package and make informed decisions through survey data and external resources.
  • Enjoy end-to-end guidance from a team that works closely with you and your compensation committee from proposal to final presentation.
  • Leverage the expertise of an executive compensation consulting team that’s completed hundreds of corporate and 1,000+ executive compensation projects.

Receive expert insights from executive compensation consultants who work with social justice organizations, membership and trade associations, educational institutions, and organizations like yours.

Develop Sophisticated
Executive Compensation Programs

Align your leadership and business strategies
with our executive compensation consultants.


Here’s What Our Clients Say

Helping businesses like yours discover real results

All of our employees who attended both training sessions that you presented gave very positive feedback. As I attended the Tuesday session, I can add my own positive feedback. We are very pleased with the training our employees received & intend to schedule more training as soon as we are able. Thanks so much!
LINDA MULFORD | Human Resource Department Manager, AMCASE
JER HR Group has been extremely helpful – and responsive – in working with us and helping us structure many pieces of our overall package in ways that are both innovative and responsive to the changing work environment we are faced with.
BOB VETERE | President & CEO, American Pet Products Association
David has been a trusted advisor to our organization, especially in the area of new information and techniques to improve our efficiency and performance in human resource management. Also, the seminars that are designed and delivered by JER HR Group are concise and to the point with excellent references and support. I highly recommend David and JER HR Group to those seeking advice and counsel for their HR needs.
NANCY MCNEILL | Executive Vice President, Baptist Children's Homes of NORTH CAROLINA
Thank you and your team for assisting us in our transition between Human Resource Managers. Your support of many departmental projects and regulatory timetables kept us on track during a difficult period of personnel change. Your search team was efficient and informative. They coordinated an effective search process and helped us land a highly skilled and motivated team member. I highly
recommend JER HR Group for outsourcing human resource functions.
M. HAGER RAND | President, Coca-Cola
The handbook looks great and I’m very happy that it was done so promptly. I look forward to working with you again.
Let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation to JER HR Group for the high-quality services that you have provided to- and for-the employees of Davidson County. Hopefully, you, and our county, will be able to see the fruits of your labor for many years to come.
JIM TYSINGER | Director of Human Resources, Davidson County Government
We have always been pleased with the knowledge of the JER HR Group team, the attentive service, and their mindfulness to the details. In addition, I have found JER to be an excellent thought partner in terms of HR strategy.
RALPH STEFANO | Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Edna McConnell Clark FOUNDATION
In all of our project engagements with JER HR Group, they have been highly successful, and have saved our company a tremendous amount of time and resources in getting HR projects implemented. From key consultative projects such as the design of a compensation structure and our annual affirmative action plan to key position retained searches, they have demonstrated a high level of experience, support, professionalism, and commitment to ensuring our projects are completed on time and executed accurately.
BERNADETTE P. YOUNG | Director of Human Resources, Ennis-Flint
Words to describe our experience: Professional, Engaged, Invested. Not only were the JER HR Group consultants and coaches top notch, they often included other colleagues to enrich the experience for all involved. Services are rendered in a manner that feels much like the firm takes ownership of the program as if its success was their own. The consultants have exceeded expectations and continue to demonstrate a firm commitment to the success of our participants.
CONNIE HAMMOND | Human Resource Director, City of Greensboro
The level of professionalism and flexibility transformed a stressful situation into a somewhat painless process. The most difficult thing we had to do was to decide which of the many qualified candidates we would offer the jobs.
SUSAN MCLAWHORN, Habitat for Humanity, Greensboro
The US Fund for UNICEF has benefitted tremendously by consultation from JER HR Group on executive compensation issues over the past several years. Their expertise is first class. They are excellent partners who speak our language and deeply understand the unique non-profit landscape. I highly recommend Jim Rocco & Larry Beers without reservation.
WILLIAM SHERWOOD | VP Human Resources & Administration, Unicef
My first contact left a lasting impression, along with the other encounters we have experienced along our HR journey. The promptness, professionalism, knowledge, and rapport met our needs perfectly. The JER HR team has been remarkable in assisting us with staying in compliance with HR decisions.
TRACI HAMILTON | Director of Business Development, WorkForce Unlimited LLC

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Advising for-profits and non-profits


Clients across 35 U.S. states


Executive compensation consultants

Your Partner for Developing Executive Compensation Strategy

Your Partner for Developing Executive Compensation Strategy

JER HR Group partners with clients to develop Executive Compensation programs which may include base salary, incentive-based pay, regular benefits, executive benefits and perquisites, and deferred compensation.

Our services are designed to help an organization develop a comprehensive compensation program that will attract and retain talented executives. We also conduct compliance reviews to address both IRS Section 4958 and New York EO 38.

Throughout the decades, we have created one of the largest proprietary databases of nonprofit executive compensation in the industry.

This database provides an extensive base of comparative knowledge that helps clients determine where their compensation fits within the marketplace, and enables innovative, competitive compensation strategies that reinforce their position as “an employer of choice”.

Total Rewards Strategy

JER HR Group designs incentive compensation programs in a holistic manner, integrating multiple compensation components. Services include:

  • Facilitating discussion and providing guidance to develop a Total Compensation Strategy.
  • Market pricing for executive and staff compensation levels.
  • Creating innovative staff and management incentive plans.
  • Setting and articulating compensation philosophy.
  • Analyzing benefits and prerequisites in relation to an organization’s total compensation strategy.
JER HR Group designs incentive compensation programs in a holistic manner, integrating multiple compensation components.
Benefits and Compensation Strategies

Benefits Strategy

Benefits are an integral component of compensation reviews. We include all benefits in calculating the total compensation, including:

  • Housing, housing allowance, and temporary housing arrangements.
  • Tuition remission and assistance programs.
  • Automobile allowances.
  • Sabbaticals.

Total Cash Compensation

  • Base salary.
  • Bonus & Incentive Awards.
  • Other Cash Compensation.
Cash Compensation Strategy
Incentive Compensation Design

Incentive Compensation Design

JER HR Group designs holistic incentive compensation programs. Executive incentive plans can be tied to pre-established performance objectives based on the strategic plan, or, for other staff, linked to the performance management system. This provides a clear and transparent methodology for incentive payouts. Services include:

  • Facilitation of discussion around the feasibility of implementing incentive pay plans.
  • Design of short- and long-term incentive plans to motivate and reward eligible staff.
  • Development of executive incentive plans for those with the highest level of accountability for organizational success.
  • Creation of spot award programs (one-time lump sum payments) and non-cash recognition awards.

Retirement Programs

Analysis includes:

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans.
  • 403(b), 401(K), 457 plans.
  • Post-retirement compensation and benefit arrangements.
Retirement Programs
Deferred Compensation Program Design

Deferred Compensation Program Design

Designing and developing a long term retention and tax deferred program is an important component of executive compensation development. Services include:

  • Design of a total compensation plan and strategy that includes base, variable, retirement and deferred compensation program.
  • Supplemental retirement income plans developed in partnership with a retirement specialist, including the design of plans such as a 457(b) or 457(f) that complements a total compensation program for executives.
  • Collaboration with retirement service providers on behalf of clients to implement deferred compensation plans