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Sales compensation strategies to attract, retain and fairly reward sales teams.

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Effective Sales Compensation Planning

The path to growth starts with an effective sales team.

A strong sales compensation plan aligns with a sales strategy, motivates and engages employees, and fairly considers what is good for the sales rep and organizational profitability. There are many factors that influence the design of a sales compensation program, but the ultimate goal is to:

  • Align your sales compensation strategy with your organization’s culture, sales strategy, and business objectives.
  • Attract and retain staff with the skills and experience necessary to fulfill your objectives and maintain effective sales operations.
  • Motivate staff to be highly engaged and productive.
  • Ensure your pay practices comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Mapping Change: Sales Compensation Plan Design & Monitoring

Our sales compensation consultants are nationally recognized and awarded consulting leaders in Compensation Plan Design.

Sales Compensation services include:

  • Plan Structure, Design, and Development
  • Alignment of Sales Comp Plans with Sales Strategy
  • Plan Structure and Pay Guidance
  • Total Rewards Strategy
  • Market Pricing Surveys and Analysis
  • Economic Testing
  • Compliance Evaluation
  • Custom Compensation Surveys

Our comprehensive, tailored sales compensation and sales incentive plans provide clear, insightful models to help sales in your organization become an “employer of choice” in today’s competitive business environment.

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Sales Compensation Consulting for a Total Rewards Strategy

Our sales compensation consultants design incentive compensation programs in a holistic manner, integrating multiple compensation components.

Sales Compensation Consulting Include:

  • Facilitating discussion and providing guidance to develop a Total Compensation Strategy.
  • Market pricing for executive and staff compensation levels.
  • Creating innovative staff and management incentive plans.
  • Setting and articulating compensation philosophy.
  • Analyzing benefits and prerequisites in relation to an organization’s total compensation strategy.

Incentive Compensation Design

JER HR Group designs holistic incentive compensation programs. Executive incentive plans can be tied to pre-established performance objectives based on the strategic plan, or, for other staff, linked to the performance management system. This provides a clear and transparent methodology for incentive payouts.

Our comp management services include:

  • Facilitation of discussion around the feasibility of implementing incentive pay plans.
  • Design of short- and long-term incentive plans to motivate and reward eligible staff.
  • Development of executive incentive plans for those with the highest level of accountability for organizational success.
  • Creation of spot award programs (one-time lump sum payments) and non-cash recognition awards.
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Market Pricing and Custom Compensation Surveys

Market Pricing determines how an organization’s salaries compare to those in the external labor market. The process uses published surveys, the proprietary JER HR Group database, and other sources of data and databases. This helps determine the overall competitiveness of sales salary levels, incentives, commissions planning, bonuses, and perks within an organization.

Custom compensation surveys are an excellent tool to help you understand how to protect your investment in your greatest asset—People.

Competency Model

A Competency Model is a collection of competencies that are needed for effective job performance. Typically developed by the HR department, organizations can tailor their approach using a JER HR Group Competency Model that includes specific skills, knowledge and other requirements for an employee to be successful, and to prepare for jobs that are rapidly changing as the workforce of the future evolves.

Sales Compensation Consulting
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Pay Equity

Just as with any other position, sales compensation should be gender neutral. A Pay Equity Analysis is done by comparing the compensation reported for staff in common job categories, including sales, and identifying differences that appear to be based on the selected factors (gender, race and/or age).

Testing may include total earnings, individual pay components of total reward strategies, pay progression, account or territory assignments, quotas, and in some cases, turnover testing. Where differences are significant, and where there appear to be legitimate instances of pay discrepancies that are attributable to gender, race or age, it is essential to make good faith efforts to rectify the disparity through compensation and/or total rewards adjustments.

Salary Administration

JER HR Group helps our clients design a Salary Administration Guideline, typically in conjunction with a Staff or Sales Compensation Study. Salary Administration Guidelines reflect and organization’s Compensation Philosophy and applicable components of the Compensation Plan.

These procedures provide guidelines for managing staff compensation in a consistent and equitable manner, ensuring compliance with best practices. It also describes authority for managing compensation and making compensation decisions.

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Sales Compensation Planning

From insights to tools, we go further.

From insights to tools, we are a compensation consulting firm that goes further.

JER HR Group’s compensation plans are powered by CompBldr®, an integrated, comprehensive job description creator, market pricing and compensation analysis tool that helps you get your pay right. CompBldr® is part of our Trainery™ HCM SaaS Solutions.