Align your people strategy with business strategy

HR, eLearning, workforce training, compensation strategy and talent management solutions to help companies be their best.

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Align your people strategy with business strategy

HR, eLearning, workforce training, compensation strategy and talent management solutions to help companies be their best.

Bridging the Pay Equity Gap

While there are very real legal requirements surrounding pay equity, paying employees fairly for work performed is not only the right thing to do, but solid business strategy.

This white paper helps employers understand the value of a Pay Equity Analysis, how to prepare data for analysis, and more importantly, to know what to look for to understand not only the symptoms of pay inequity, but the root causes so that systemic pay gaps can be addressed. It’s time to move beyond verbal support to measurable results.

How Nonprofits Can Attract Talent with an Effective Compensation Plan

Competitive compensation is key to finding – and retaining – employees. It also represents a significant operating expense, and in nonprofit organizations, there can be a high degree of scrutiny by regulatory agencies, stakeholders, donors, and the press. The portion of the budget allocated to salaries, if not program related, can affect a public charity’s standing and ability to attract funding.

This white paper helps nonprofit organizations align compensation strategy with your culture and values, attract and retain staff with the skills and experience necessary, and maintain internal equity and market competitiveness.

Reshaping Talent Development: How Technology is Redefining Performance Management

From assessment tools to learning management platforms, from ready-to-go streaming content libraries to gamification, from managing workforce training programs to artificial intelligence with predictive career and skill path modeling, technology is reshaping talent development. And it’s becoming integrated across business units as HR and front-line managers step into a more hands-on coaching role, communicating more frequently and requiring more accountability in results—from employees a well as employers.

The 7 DEADLIEST Mistakes Training Managers Make When Providing a Training Program

You want your training programs to hit the mark. You want them to get the results you need. And, you want to receive accolades from participants. But how can you make sure you are providing a best practice program that will hit the mark?

The 7 Deadly Mistakes white paper from NexaLearning, a division of JER HR Group, outlines the mistakes that will derail your best intentions. By becoming aware of the 7 Deadly Mistakes, and making sure to craft your programs to avoid them, you can be certain your program will succeed.

What Should Learning & Development Professionals Be Preparing for Next?
How ELearning is Transforming Training, Jobs, & Careers

For professionals charged with training, and the learning & development of others, understanding how to surf the constant waves of change is now a critical competency for themselves as well as for those they develop. This white paper from Training Network, a division of JER HR Group, provides and examines guidance from L&D professionals as organizations plan for growth, development and training at all levels of the organization, with-and-post COVID-19.

The Inequalities of Bandwidth
How Trainer, Culture & Technology Bottlenecks Impact Learning

Bandwidth is about more than just the capacity of things; it’s also about the capacity of people—their time, resources and capabilities. Inequalities in this kind of bandwidth impact training on both sides of the equation—for trainers and for learners. This white paper from Training Network, a division of JER HR Group, investigates bandwidth beyond the literal translation to examine the broader training infrastructure.

Humans at Work
How to Successfully Tackle HR Challenges

This curated paper tackles some of the most important—and challenging—HR issues facing leaders and HR executives today. Topics include Jumping the HR Trust Barrier, Managing Political Activism in the Workplace, DE&I, Compensation Trends, Challenges to Leadership Effectiveness, and Paradigms for Identifying the Future Leaders.

A New Approach to Leadership Development

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are impacting the ways in which we need to approach the development of future leaders. This JER HR Group white paper presents thought-leaders and Leadership Development professionals with considerations on how to identify—and develop—effective leaders for the realities of today’s business environment.

How to Attract Talent with an Effective Compensation Plan 

Compensation that isn’t competitive with today’s market can negatively impact growth, innovation, and sustainability. This JER HR Group white paper helps you build a compensation plan that motivates and engages your team.

How to Get the Most from Your Leaders

The Chronicle of Philanthropy and JER HR Group team up to share case studies, survey research, and practical tips for leading your nonprofit. Learn how top executives around the country step in as new leaders, build relationships with constituents, and cultivate talent.

How to Create an Employee Handbook Your Team Will Want to Read

How to Create an Employee Handbook Your Team Will Want to Read

The Employee Handbook provides the basic employment information that every employee needs to know. When done right, the handbook is also part of your brand story, and has the power to reinforce the employee’s decision to work with your company. The basic question is how to get there.


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