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Custom compensation surveys to boost market intelligence.

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Custom Salary Surveys

Salary surveys are an excellent tool to help you understand the relationship of one job to another, your competitiveness within the marketplace, and, how to protect your investment in your greatest asset—People.

JER HR Group performs extensive analysis of data obtained from Custom Salary Surveys, and utilizes our Proprietary Data Model for Trend Analysis.

Content Design and Development

JER HR Group has developed and implemented thousands of custom salary surveys, making it one of the top “go-to” resources for data reliability and intrinsic insight.

Designing the survey questionnaire is a major component in the success of a custom survey. JER HR Group collaborates with every client to develop the most effective survey tool. Key considerations include ensuring that critical information is gathered in a format that is unambiguous and professional yet simple to complete. We hone in on the most important data inputs, guaranteeing that the survey will successfully meet objectives.

We work collaboratively with clients to:

  • Identify Objectives
    • Define Expectations
    • Determine Survey Format
    • Discuss Project Timeline
  • Create Survey Design
    • Structure Your Questionnaire to meet needs and topics of interest
    • Develop Customized Questions
    • Create a User-Friendly Format for execution
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Benefits of Surveys

Survey Administration

Survey Administration steps:

  • Identify Potential Survey Participants
  • Review and Finalize Participant List
  • Build Communication Plan with Clients and Participants
    Design customized emails inviting participation for the survey, including reminders and frequency of reminders
  • Develop Incentives or Methods to Enhance Participant Response Rate

Data Analysis

JER HR Group performs extensive analysis of the data obtained from the Survey and utilizes our Proprietary Survey Model for compensation practices, salary ranges and trend analysis. We normalize data for organizations reporting outside the central tendency due to size, scope or job description, and as appropriate, adjust them accordingly.

As a leading developer of Custom Salary Surveys, our survey methodology is consistent with the standards set forth by industry-specific associations. We make sure the confidentiality and integrity of the data is maintained at all times during the survey.

Data matches are reviewed and screened to ensure the integrity of responses and survey results, Data is reported in aggregate and minimum participation levels as required to ensure reliability. JER HR Group also offers clients a participant follow-up process, providing hands-on assistance to participants in completing the survey.

The Data Analysis process includes:

  • Review and Scrubbing of Data
  • Work with Participants to Facilitate Completion of Responses
  • Analysis of Data and Preparation of Findings
Custom compensation surveys
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Review & Reporting

All clients receive a fully customized report that provides critical job market insight for use in Compensation Plan development. Custom survey data is reported for Base Compensation, Variable Pay, Benefits, and Total Compensation. The summary report includes, for each position surveyed, exhibits that identify the 25th percentile, average, median (50th percentile) and 75th percentile. Both highest and lowest salaries are excluded from the summary report to protect confidentiality of participant data.

Deliverables include:

  • Review and Presentation of Findings
    Findings include survey data reported for individual survey positions.
  • Verbal and Written Presentation of the Final Client Report
  • Design and Distribution of the Participant Report
    All participants will receive the same report and data, inclusive of data from the survey sponsor.

Project Management & Timeline

JER HR Group provides comprehensive project management to generate the insight you need to remain competitive in a fast-paced business environment.

Project services include:

  • Development and Dissemination of an online survey link to all participants.
  • Tracking of Responses and Data Exception Reports.
  • Comprehensive Follow-up to Ensure Participation, including providing hands-on assistance to participants to encourage survey completion.

Custom Compensation Survey project can be completed within ten to twelve weeks depending on the scope of the study, participant completion time, and survey methodology. The length of time depends on the number of positions surveyed and the scope of compensation data surveyed (base salary, variable pay and benefits surveyed).

Custom Salary Surveys