Employee Surveys

The Value of Listening

Your employees are your most valuable asset, so make sure they feel valued.

Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

NexaLearning, a Division of JER HR Group, provides custom employee surveys that help you create an interconnected and engaged workforce.

Transform your workplace culture with employee surveys that make a difference

Transform your workplace culture with employee surveys that make a difference.


For an organization to be successful, building an open, healthy organizational culture is important. Management can’t accomplish this without listening to employees and understanding their needs and concerns.

Custom Employee Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys measure and benchmark the engagement levels of employees on factors such as recognition, pay and benefits, advancement opportunities, leadership, job role, training and development, work environment, diversity, mission and vision.

NexaLearning, a Division of JER HR Group, goes beyond the standard survey tools, including the option of incorporating confidential face-to-face sessions and generational specific techniques.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys help direct organization growth, management, leadership effectiveness, and tangible objectives for change – and change management.

Employee Focus Groups

Employee Focus Groups provide a venue for open feedback, involvement in management and employee development processes, diversity efforts, mission, and vision.

Culture Index Survey process

Culture Index Survey process

It’s more than a survey.

The biggest mistake companies make when conducting Employee Surveys is not doing anything to address the results. Most employees, when asked, will tell you exactly what they want you to do to best serve, appreciate, and retain their loyalty. Soliciting employee input is an intentional form of communicating to strength your relationship, and develop future strategies for improving your workplace culture.

The seven organizational measures:

  1. CLARITY Alignment with mission, vision, and values
  2. CODE Honors a standard of behavior
  3. CREATIVITY Uses innovative problem-solving
  4. CONSISTENCY Hardwiring of best practices
  5. COACHING Encourages peak performance
  6. CONFLICT Promotes productive resolution
  7. CELEBRATION Recognizes and rewards success