STAFF Compensation

Salary administration that’s consistently fair

Extraordinary guidelines and conversations about salary policies and procedures

Salary Administration

JER HR Group helps our clients design a Salary Administration Guideline, typically in conjunction with a Staff Compensation Study. Salary Administration Guidelines reflect an organization’s Compensation Philosophy, and applicable components of the Compensation Plan.

These procedures provide guidelines for managing staff compensation in a consistent and equitable manner, ensuring compliance with best practices. It also describes authority for managing compensation and making compensation decisions.

Salary Administration

Policy Development: Our Approach

JER HR Group helps clients in defining their salary administration policies and procedures.

Policy Development includes:

  • Defining Policy Development Procedures.
  • Compensation Principles, including:
    • Retaining Staff
    • Investing in Performance
    • Pay Equity
    • Staff Development
  • Assignment of Positions to Pay Range and Pay Band.